About us

It all started with Dot...

She was one of the smartest girls in her class. In high school, she was accused of plagiarizing a term paper because her teacher believed it was "too good for a girl."

She had her head in the clouds, with dreams of becoming a pilot (or a trapeze artist). When she became a mother, she showcased her creative talent by writing original plays performed at the local elementary school, created elaborate floats for community parades, and made the best Halloween costumes you've ever seen. 

Known for her ornate Santa Claus cookies and professional-grade birthday cakes, Dot's domestic flair was no laughing matter—but she always reminded us not to take ourselves too seriously, as evidenced by a sign in her kitchen stating, "This mess is a place."

Then came Mertle...

Dot's daughter, Mertle, is a trailblazer. She became a probation officer right out of college, then climbed the corporate ladder in a male-dominated office. Later in life, she made another career shift and went back to school for a Master of Divinity degree.

To this day, she serves as a minister in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, leading a thriving community, impacting countless lives and fighting for social justice. 

Along the way, she had a few kids and threw a few killer parties, always in a Kate Spade shoe and never without lipstick. 

"I ordered a seasonal centerpiece from Alex for a fall gathering of friends. What I received was a work of art! Between Alex's choice of traditional and unique plant material, the rich colors and a degree of whimsy, the arrangement was more than I could have imagined. Thank you, Alex!"

— Ann Keller

Hi! I'm Alex.

That brings us to me, the #DomesticFeminist and the woman behind the flowers. I'm a product of these two strong ladies, and this company was created for them.  

From anniversary deliveries to bridal showers, my goal is to create flower designs that are as unique and special as the people receiving them. 

Celebrating a golden birthday? Let's throw in some lemons for a *golden* touch. It's opening night for Beauty and the Beast? Let's put together a red rose cloche that looks just like Belle's. 

Whatever the occasion, I can't wait to work with you. Send me a note at mertleanddot@gmail.com to say hi!